Pointers To Taking Care Of Your Utility Sink

Utility sinks are one of the most overused parts of a house that’s why they are built to be sturdy and are made of the most durable materials. Some have also been designed to be scratch-resistant to some degree. However, wear and tear aren’t the only factors that could lead to a sink being an eyesore. Maintaining a utility sink isn’t just about making sure that it doesn’t break, or bend, or crack. It also includes making sure that the sink functions as it should and even look like how it should when it’s ready to do the job it should.

For example, a kitchen sink isn’t just where homeowners wash the dishes. It’s also wear veggies or fruits are given a rinse before being cut or eaten. However, if the sink is dirty, then it wouldn’t be hygienic to wash veggies or fruits there. Nor will a utility sink at the laundry area be much use if it is lined with soap scum and lime residue because there’s no point using it to soak linen if the sink itself isn’t clean.

This article has been written to list the ways to take care of utility sinks and keep them in good shape, literally and figuratively.

1. Don’t drop anything heavy on it

This should take plain common sense. Of course, if you dropped a heavy object on anything, it’s possible that the material will dent or even break as impact happens. The material can only take so much weight and might give way when pushed to the limit.

It’s likely that this wouldn’t happen anyway because people won’t be lifting mossy garden rocks and putting them in a sink for a hosedown. But it’s better to put the reminder out there in case someone “forgets”.

2. Keep it clean

The basic premise is that minerals, chemicals and components can breakdown the material which makes up utility sinks. The goal is to make sure that these do not stay on your sink long enough to leave their mark and the way to do it is by keeping the sink clean and dry.

The proper habit is to give the sink a good bath or even just a good rinse and then give it proper ventilation. In this way, stains may be avoidable and decomposition of the sink is delayed.

3. Care as appropriate

There are also some considerations to be made when getting the cleaning done. The most important is to know that there are differences in the ways to clean a stainless steel sink and a ceramic sink.

For the former, it is allowable to use abrasive cleaners because stainless steel is more tolerable of the chemicals used in it. However, it will not do well for a ceramic sink to be cleaned using the same kind of cleaner because it is harsh enough to scratch the sink. Both sinks, though, will do well being cleaned with baking soda and a solvent and this solution is more mild than commercial cleaners.

Stainless steel utility sinks also benefit when scrubbing is done in the direction in the direction of the lines of the sink. This is more aesthetic more than anything because and marks left from scrubbing would just blend in with the said lines. However, it is not advisable to use steel wool pads on these sinks.

Finally, stainless steel utility sinks also benefit more when water is kept off them. Not only is staining avoided, but rusting is also kept at bay.


These very basic tips for caring for utility sinks will go a long way for people who wish to extend the life of their utility sink.

So You Have A Utility Sink, Now Where Do You Put It?

Utility sinks may be one of the most unheralded bits of the home. They’re easy to overlook or it’s easy to understate their contribution to the appeal of the home. This may be primarily because they simply serve their purpose which is being the spot where a faucet and some pipes connect. Of course each sink is also meant to catch water from the faucet and direct it to the exit ways.

But what are the specific ways for which utility sinks have been used? This article gives a rundown of all the top 5 great uses of utility sinks.

1. In the laundry room

Because of the variety in their sizes, utility sinks are commonly found in laundry areas. Deeper basins are available for soaking of bulkier linen or a lot of pieces of clothing.

Usually, utility sink models used in the laundry area would be freestanding ones which do not have to be installed to fit a counter. They are standalone models which come with installation instructions for attaching the legs to the base of the basin. Many models are also otherwise known as laundry tubs because of their size.

2. In the kitchen

Another use of utility sinks would be as kitchen sinks. While some homeowners would be more visionary in terms of following a motif or design plan in figuring their kitchen, others would be happy to choose simple pieces to fit into their kitchen. That’s why utility sink manufacturers have different products designed not only for performance but also to match the kitchen theme. Some bigger, stainless steel sinks are available for more modern or industrialist- inspired kitchens while ceramic, enameled utility sinks may make their way to more artistic or elaborately designed kitchens.

3. In the garage

Utility sinks may also be found in garages. In this case, it’s possible to think that the wife probably wanted her husband to keep his workplace clean or at least teach him the habit of cleaning his tools.

Just like laundry room utility sinks, those in the garage are also frequently made of stainless steel except for used sinks relocated from somewhere else in the house and recycled as a garage sink. These are usually recycled ceramic sinks.

4. In the garden

Outside, some homes have utility sinks installed near the garden and they are used when some potted plants have to be given some much needed hydrating. Deeper sinks are used to fit large pots or a number of smaller ones at the same time.

The garden, however, isn’t usually a priority so it’s more common that it’s just a faucet and some pipes propped from the ground. That is why recycled utility sinks are often used to here. Garden sinks aren’t usually priority expenses.

5. As a pet bath

Finally, utility sinks have also been used as pet baths. They’re not common because, really, pets like dogs are fine with just a hosedown, but some pet owners take their duties seriously and they want to dedicate some parts of their homes and make them pet-friendly.

This is probably the cutest way to use utility sinks and if it’s recycled then it’s probably a smart decision. At least the pets are happy with their own tub and the old sink isn’t thrown away so easily.


Given this list, it’s easy to see how useful utility sinks are. Now the next step is to make sure that they continue to be so.

Going Industrial For Your Home? Get This MR Direct stainless steel Utility Sink

These days, fortunate, highly-paid yuppies have the chance of working with architects and interior designers who can give their homes a different vibe, a more modern or even a more sophisticated one at that.

Two emerging popular styles of home design would be minimalist zen design and the industrial design. The effect for both would be a calming feel of the place where not so many embellishments litter the home and there is a no-nonsense approach to choosing what elements come in to fill the home.

Thankfully, companies involved in manufacturing pieces for the home have also kept in step and have produced designs which can be suited for homes designed to be minimalist or even industrial.

Now, building a home of these designs isn’t just a drawing on paper but can actually be carried out given that the pieces to be brought in are now available on the market.

One example of such a product would be the MR Direct 2321S 90° Rectangular Stainless Steel Utility Sink. Available on Amazon for $230.62 and ships for free, this utility sink is designed to be at home in the kitchen and is built to last the bumps, scratches and bruises which kitchen sink modules are subject to.


This utility sink is 20 inches wide, 19 inches tall and 10 inches deep. It comes in brushed satin coloring and finishing and weighs 18 pounds. For its installation, this sink has been designed for undercounter installation.


It is one of the larger sink models from MR Direct and has been constructed from heavy-duty material.


Stainless steel was used to ensure the durability of this utility sink. This makes the sink not only attractive for home designers or homeowners who want to give a home that minimalist or industrialized vibe, but also guarantees that this sink will not quickly deteriorate and need to be replaced after a short time of use.

Specifically, the MR Direct 2321S 90° Rectangular Stainless Steel Utility Sink is made from 304-grade, cold rolled steel. Its 304-grade treatment makes it standard stainless steel and its cold rolled treatment makes sure that the material is smoothed out so that it is more resistant to corrosion.

Special Feature

Added features to this utility sink would be its full insulation, sound-dampening pads and of course that desirable lifetime warranty.

The good thing about getting a fully-insulated sink is that it addresses the problem of condensation under the sink. Without condensation, there is less chances of water storing up and causing damage to cupboards beneath the sink.

This utility sink also deals with annoying tin sounds with its thick sound-dampening pads. This is particularly helpful because the basin is deep allowing to reverberate around the opening. With the sound-dampening pads, this sink won’t be contributing to the noise that’s bound to be made in the kitchen.

Finally, this utility sink is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Although there’s only a list of situations for which the warranty applies, it can give owners peace of mind that should anything wrong happen with this product, the manufacturer’s got your back.

Overall Impression

Overall, this utility sink is the right pick for the homeowner who wants to get bang for their buck. It has that modern flair that makes it a perfect match for the yuppie looking to complete the effects in his modern home – no fuss, no frills, all business. It is also so sturdy that there’s no need to worry about hard-earned money going to waste, and even if there was a problem, there’s the limited warranty that could save it.

Whether the home is designed to be minimalist or industrial, this utility sink is bound to find a home in the kitchen and it won’t even make that much noise.

Upgrade Your Utility Sink With These Accessories

Utility sinks need not be boring. In fact, they can add more life to a room.

Given the right accessories, a utility sink can make a kitchen look dapper, a laundry room artistic or a garage like a rustic cave for the family’s favorite handyman: Dad. Other than these aesthetic purposes, accessories may also be attached for added functionality.

Here are some accessories you can look at to give your utility sink the aforementioned upgrades:

1. Faucets

Ditch the regular water tap and go for more character with a telephone faucet and handshower. It adds that perfect charm when the utility sink is for use in the laundry area, the garage or when even used as a pet bath. The design in itself is a classic, reminiscent of those old school early Western Electric telephone models. Even more glamour could be added by getting a telephone faucet and hand shower model that’s been given a more dignified touch with elaborately designed handset holders and gold base finishing.

Utility sinks in the kitchen could also be given more character with faucet models such as metal spout faucets with lever handles or the innovative pulldown faucets with spouts which can be pulled and extended to be closer to the sink. With models like these, the utility sink in the kitchen will look a lot modern and have a modern functionality as well.

2. Fitted Chopping Boards

It is also possible to be an efficient worker in the kitchen by not having to move too far from rinsing vegetables to chopping them up. This is the rationale behind sink-fitted chopping boards which are installed on the sink themselves.

These boards are normally used with the larger sinks where there is enough space for the chopping board to be installed and for rinsing to be done beside it. Some manufacturers offer such add ons on their product line although a lot of these boards have been specifically fitted for certain sink models.

3. Drain Stopper With Chain

In the laundry area, the most useful accessory aside from the faucet would be the drain stopper with chain. The obvious reason of course is that you just have to pop it into the drain opening to prevent water from going down the pipes.

This accessory isn’t as glamorous as the two earlier accessories but it’s definitely very practical to have especially in a utility sink used for laundry. In this way, collecting enough water to soak linen in the sink and not having to get another basin to do so is possible.

Given these options, it’s easy to see that, whatever the purpose, there are different ways to add functionality to utility sinks. Those listed here are just but a few examples. However, the best option to making these upgrades may be by checking out your sink manufacturer’s catalogues to see which add ons or accessories have been made for the sink model which you own.

Otherwise, if your brand hasn’t diversified that much into offering accessories for your sink model, you could probably get inspiration from the web and do it yourself or ask a handyman or a home designer to help you get the look that you want for the utility sink.

If You Want A High-End Home Go For This Kohler Sink

Manufacturing brand Kohler is one of the most recognizable brands in the production of plumbing fixtures. The company was established in 1873 and was named after its co-founder Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler. After the same man made a breakthrough in 1883, the Kohler Company began carving its name in the plumbing business. The Kohler Company has become such a highly regarded organization that the village where it built a new plant was named after it. Today, the village of Riverside in Wisconsin is now known as the Village of Kohler. And today, Kohler Company has grown outside of its niche and has ventured out to the manufacture of home accents such as furniture and tiles as well as the production of engines and generators.











Given the reputation of such a brand, each product released by  the company is bound to catch the interest of shoppers looking to prettify their homes. Those who wish to make a classy home, consider Kohler’s products when choosing home installations.

In this review, the focus will be on the Kohler K-6663-1U-58 Glen Falls Undercounter Utility Sink with One-Hole Faucet Drilling. It’s specifications, build, special features and price will be discussed before an overall impression of the product is expressed.


This 96- pound utility sink is 22 inches wide, 25 inches long and 13.6 inches deep. It has been made from Kohler’s trademark durable cast iron and has been designed to come in different colors, perfect to suit the color scheme of the laundry area where it is to be installed. Some color choices are thunder grey, caviar, basalt, sandbar, dune and black black.

For the convenience of home designers or shoppers, the sink’s depth has been designed to fit most standardized cabinets.


The material used in producing the the Kohler K-6663-1U-58 Glen Falls Undercounter Utility Sink is cast iron.

This material is known to be widely used for a variety of purposes such as stairs, fences and even pipes although it may be treated differently according to the purpose. The reason for such a popularity would be its cheap cost, durability and ease of use for molding into different shapes.

Kohler itself has its own registered brand of cast iron which they have developed and improved over the years in order to stake their claim as the number one producer of the finest sinks and baths. The same material was used for this utility sink.

Special Feature

The Kohler K-6663-1U-58 Glen Falls Undercounter Utility Sink has also been designed to be non-intrusive to blend in well with the custom-designed laundry room. For this, what works is its undercounter installation that doesn’t leave anything sticking out to catch attention and hence letting the sink camouflage with the rest of the counter as long as the sink’s color matches with the rest of the installation.


The only downside to getting the Kohler K-6663-1U-58 Glen Falls Undercounter Utility Sink would be dealing with its price. At Amazon, this utility sink sells for $651.79 and ships for free. On the other hand, other utility sinks out on the market actually sell for less than $100. That is why clearly, this utility sink is not for everyone who is designing their home. Rather, it is for everyone who can afford to have this in their home.

Overall Impression

Overall, the Kohler K-6663-1U-58 Glen Falls Undercounter Utility Sink is perfect for home designers and homeowners who wish to customize the look and feel of the laundry room. At this point, giving credit to its brand, the only other consideration to be made is whether or not the stock picked for installation in the laundry room is the right color to complement the rest of the fixtures in the same room.

Of course, with the decision to customize a laundry room, comes the high cost. That is why this utility sink from Kohler more appealing for owners of high end homes.

A Utility Sink For All The Good Reasons

Sometimes the ordinary fixtures and appliances are not enough to meet our increasing needs and that’s when we need to improve and improvise. It is a blessing that we are living in an era in which technology makes it possible for us to have any of our needs met. Many people cannot rely on the conventionally used sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen because they have to do some other work that needs special equipment e.g. washing and giving baths to their dogs. This is the scenario where getting a utility sink becomes crucial and almost inevitable.

American Shower and Bath 101006 Standard Utility Sink - 19 Gallon

If you too are looking for such a sunk then you will find some great options on Amazon from the renowned American Shower and Bath. This company is doing a great job in making utility sinks that are sturdy, durable and functional as well. The item 101006 is something that you would love to have a look at. This sink is made to replace the old sink if you have been having troubles in washing your dogs or other laundry stuff. The shallow and small sinks are never really helpful when you have to do any other type of cleaning than washing hands and face.

This utility sink is deep enough to hold 19 gallons of water which should be more than enough to take care of your needs. At the same time, the construction of this particular sink is what makes it different from rest of the options available on line and in stores. It is made of plastic and it is a great portable sink that you can move around whenever you need to. The light weight of just 13 pounds allows you to carry it to your desired location if you don’t want the floor inside your house getting wet.

The sink has four long legs providing it a great height so you don’t have to keep leaning forward while performing the washing and cleaning. In fact, many people buy this type of sink because they start getting back pain because of lower heights of other sinks in their homes. Furthermore, the legs and the entire unit have been made from sturdy plastic so the sink stays in its place as you continue to do your job. The sink has good dimensions to let you work without feeling the irritation of dealing with very small size that doesn’t even let you move your hands and arms freely.

The complete structure has been designed to facilitate the users including the parts where you keep your soap bars. The edges of the soap dishes have been raised and designed so the draining is automatically in the sink. Although not a lot of comments and feedback’s have been left by the customers but the ones available right now contain no complaints. Furthermore, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars should give you the peace of mind when buying this utility sink. Lastly, the assembly is required but easy installation options allow for quick assembly within minutes. 

The Utility Sink From Mustee Is A Must Have

Do you sometimes feel that you should have a utility sink because the sink in your bathroom is not made for many of the tasks including your dog’s baths, laundry, soaking big washing cloths etc.? Mustee has made a great sink that could be bought in a reasonable price from Amazon or your nearest stores with comfort of mind. This sink is probably one of the strongest candidates that you will see on the internet or in the stores. Made to last for long and serve the purpose well, this sink is definitely worth a try if you are hunting for one.

The 17F Durastone sink from Mustee is a deep sink made with materials that are great resistance to mould and other damaging factors. Furthermore, the unit has been designed not only to serve the purpose well but also to facilitate the user in such a way that the user doesn’t feel tired only after a few minutes of use. The little capacity of ordinary sinks make them really irritating and unfit for use when you are trying to do a job that needs a lot of water stored. Think about soaking a big piece of cloth for cleaning the floor or your car.

The construction of this utility sink has been completed with one piece and the unit has been made using the sturdiest materials around. It uses crushes stone and fiberglass as its major materials and together they make this unit the strongest you could find in this price. The sink has a big capacity of storing 19 gallons of water and the leak proof construction with intelligently designed stopper make it easy to store this much water. This particular sink is available with both the options: you can attach it to the wall or even put it on the floor after attaching the steel legs.

Of course, with a construction completed with such heavy materials you couldn’t expect the sink to be lightweight and it is not. 31 pounds is the weight of the sink so you wouldn’t call it a very portable sink and must think intelligently before deciding the place where you want it to stand or get fixed on the wall. The sink is currently available in only one color which is white and of course, with a sink of this type the color is not always the priority but only a secondary preference.

The backside of this utility sink has a curb so when you are using it you don’t have to fear the spilling of water from all around. This means that you can have it installed indoors without fearing any water spilling that will destroy your floor, but of course, precautions must be taken while using. The item has a price of only $134.95 on Amazon right now and for this material this is a very fair price. If you wish to explore your options you definitely should but don’t forget to read the reviews by customers and view the rating of 5 out of 5 given to this item by them. 

The New Masco Bath 101040 All-In-One Standard Utility Sink Kit, 19-Gallon, White

An all in one utility sink best for every garage and basement is now available and comes out with a complete package for installation. A chrome faucet, drain installation kit and stopper as well as the plastic supply lines are included in the product. The maker makes sure that the large 19-gallon capacity is perfect and conveniently size for each and every household projects.

Masco bath is one of the trusted brand comes out with a new discovery, an easy to install utility sink that will make it easier for everyone. This kind of sink is perfect fro storages and for basement so what are you waiting for, try it out now!

Product Features and Description:

  • It is made of durable polypropylene.
  • All things needed for installation is included such as plastic supply lines, drain installation kit and stopper, faucet assembly and leg levelers.
  • Product dimensions
  • Length by25.25
  • 22.75 Wide
  • 32 Inch Height
  • 19 gallon tub capacity perfect for every household projects.
  • Perfect fit in garage and or basement.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Color white

The other details of the product:

Masco Bath 101040 All-In-One Standard Utility Sink Kit, 19-Gallon, White

  • Dimensions: 25.2 x 22.8 x 32 inches
  • Shipping details: Weight is 11.6 pounds and rate depends where you wish to received it and if you want to expedite the day that you will receive it just add a little amount and your wish will be granted. If you ordered any other product this thing needs to be shipped separately with no additional charge.
  • ASIN: B000BVPY7C
  • Average customer review is 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

Feedback, comments and customer reactions

This time I have gathered the comments available so it can help you decide if you’re going to buy the product. Right now the product gained 3.5 stars already at amazon. So after you tried it out you can also add a comment to help others decide as well. Just keep in mind that every feedback is always on depends on the customer’s expectations.

So here are some of the feedback and comments I gathered…

  • One stated that it is a cheap construction, the plastic legs can’t be trusted that it can stand for long. The faucet is also made of plastic so even the buyer is wondering how long it will last. So the user did some experiment on the product to make it usable now it is solid and trustable and he’s using it in his studio but without his effort making the product good he says the product will not be good as a utility sink!
  • Great for the garage, it is easy to install, the faucet is already included. However, wishing it to have a better drain angle for faster drainage.

These are the two comments available for now on this product.  I hope it helped you out in your decision if you want to try out the product or not.

Price: $66.51

Allstrong 1 Compartment Stainless Steel Utility Preparation Sink 15″X15″X13″D With 6″ Spout Faucet NSF. SE15151P + AA-706

When it comes to utility sink we all know that allstrong is one of the best makers of it. Utility sink must be durable and can last longer and allstrong make sure that every product they made is long lasting and useful.

You can notice elegancy in the product and you can notice that the product has been made with love, and with patience making sure that everything is done accordingly. Experience are also noticeable in this utility sink because you can compare the other design to the past product that they made and this utility sink can be as useful as the other product they made or should more useful and reliable.

Allstrong 1 Compartment Stainless Steel Utility Preparation Sink

Product features and description: The things you need to know about Griffin T60-188 Single Compartment Scullery Sink, Stainless Steel:

  • The center set is 8 inch.
  • The corners are square.
  • 16 gauge stainless steel
  • The legs are removable, but can’t install the product without it.
  • Griffin 852252002130 21″ x 21.5″
  • Overall Dimension Sink
  • Perfect for any size utility room, if your utility room is small it is still not going to be a problem for this utility sink is a space saver.
  • 8 inch faucet

The product details:

  • Product dimension: 21.5 x 21 x 42 inches; 40 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 50.2 pounds.
  • Shipping price: Depends on the place it will be delivered and it can also be changed if you want to receive it earlier than the real schedule date of delivery. In some places shipping will be for free.
  • If you have ordered other item this product will be delivered separately without additional any charge.
  • ASIN: B0056EW3KA
  • Item model number: T60-188
  •  As of today the rating of the product is 5 stars out of 5 stars.

The feedback/ comment and reaction:

So far there is only one feedback available for this product but I’m sure that this one and only feedback will be useful to all the future users of this Griffin T60-188 Single Compartment Scullery Sink, Stainless Steel for the comment judge the product fairly and just. However, if you really interested in the product you can try it out and feel free to leave a comment about it so you can help the future buyers to decide about the product. So I now I can feel that you’re eager to know what is the reaction so here it is…

  • The user rated the product as 5 stars out of 5. It stated here that it is a lovely sink and a perfect fit for a small utility room. Even it is small still it is sturdy and you can notice that it is a well done product. The money worth it, praises and compliment from their friend are always present every time they saw the utility sink. The faucet is perfect fit too! The advice for the future buyers of this user is try it out for you will not regret buying it.

Price: $468.93